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Papa's Big Fish: Stories of Youthful Adventure at the Hemingway's in Key West
Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to live at the Hemingway house in Key West?  Now, for the first time, young and old alike can follow eight year-old Gig Hemingway as he goes out on the Pilar for the first time, watches as the wall is built around the house, star-gazes with his brother, and solves the mystery of the monster in the basement.  A behind-the-scenes look at a life of privilege during the Great Depression.  It is about being a boy in a grown-up world, playing quietly as Papa wrote, and the giant sailfish in the hallway that seemed to stare back like it was alive!
ISBN 978-0-9641235-6-4, Juvie/Adult Historical Fiction
Paperback, 180 pages
Sleeping with Rilke: Poems & Prayers
Letters to Ryan
FOREWORD by Gary Hirshberg, L.C.S.W.
AFTERWORD by Jane Anton, Ph.D.
Rainer Rilke wrote, "Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart, and try to live the questions themselves."  Edward Steinhardt engages those questions head-on with his powerful gift of observation.  Nothing escapes his curiosity.   Things regarded as small loom large, as in the interaction with sparrows at an outdoor cafe, a conversation between two strangers on a beach, a bare-chested musician playing Bach on a recorder; relationships--even an eulogy for a cat that took one step too many high on a windowsill...  If life can be both a poem and a prayer, this book tells of that journey.  It is also about the quiet hour of doubt, faith--and the eternal seach of meaning in one's life...
The true story of two men fighting nearly impossible odds:  society's expectations, fundamentalist Christianity's rejection, and a chemical dependency used to counter that rejection.  It is the devotion of a poet to a lover on cocaine.  Gary Hirshberg says "Letters to Ryan lays-bare our collective soul."  A diary of love, co-dependency, separation--even unfaithfulness.  But it is also a story about love, knocks at the bedroom window, flowers, poems, slow-dancing under a comforter, and running down a hill to a lover.  Moreover, it is about faith, and the sorting-out of good from bad.  And love...
ISBN 978-0-9641235-3-3, Poetry
Paperback, 210 pages
Standing Pelican: Key West Poems & Stories
INTRODUCTION by John Hemingway
A waitress with a secret and the customers who are her world...  A projectionist  who lives above a t-shirt shop and the fictive lives he presents on the screen...  These  characters and others comprise a compelling new book set in Key West.    John Hemingway says Standing Pelican is a "subtropical alfresco that has all the heat, ambiguity and humor that had orginally attracted my grandfather to the island in the 1920s.  In the best Hemingway tradition they let you feel what the character experiences but with an economy of words and description that only true artists and poets are capable of."
ISBN 978-0-9641235-2-6, Poetry/Fiction/Drama
Paperback, 210 pages
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Dandelion Dreams
and Other Poems
INTRODUCTION by Charles Guenther
The acclaimed book by Edward Steinhardt which garnered endorsements by Richard Wilbur, Robert Creeley and others.
ISBN 978-0-9641235-1-7 Poetry, Paperback,
200 pages
Guardian of Grief:
Poems of Giacomo

Charles Guenther is by reputation known as one of the most prolific translators of poetry into English.  In this, his last book, Guenther showcased his translations of the renowned Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi.  Richard Wilbur said, "it is good indeed that his lucid and graceful renderings of Leopardi have now been gathered in a book." William Jay Smith said Guenther "succeeds brilliantly in retaining the flavor of the great Italian poet's work while carefully avoiding the grossly archaic language that mars so many of the previous versions."
ISBN 978-0-9641235-4-0 Poetry, Paperback,
60 pages
"These poems are fact of an enduring human attention to what values and feelings are still possible in our world.  The are pledge and record, testament and persuasive story, of a real life in a real time and place.  Edward Steinhardt has learned his art with great determination and humility.  His generous authority is clear on every page."
--Robert Creeley
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ISBN 978-0-9641235-5-7, Poetry
Paperback, 110 pages

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Sleeping with Rilke: Poems & Prayers
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